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4 Ways To Lose Weight Without Being Miserable

Making these small changes can add up to big results that last

Yes, you can lose weight quickly by making drastic changes. But this often leads to being miserable in the short term and only seeing results for the short term.

The way that our members in our Fort Myers Gyms lose weight and keep it off for years is to make several minor changes that also make them feel better from the very beginning of their journey.

Which sounds better to you?

A) Miserable with only short term results

B) Feeling great and results that last the rest of your life

Here’s how drop the extra weight to enjoy each day more for the rest of your life

Rule 1: Eat to lose weight

Seriously… You are a machine designed to run on food. If you force yourself to live without food and only on the extra fat you have, you will not last long. It doesn’t work. You need to give yourself the freedom to eat when you are hungry and not give yourself a hard time.

Rule 2: Eat what you are eating now… just a little less

Let’s face it… you are used to eating what you eat right now. To throw all that away and replace your diet on day one is a recipe for failure. If you can start by taking your 12 count chicken nugget meal and eating 10 instead. And getting a medium fry instead of a large, and a small soda instead of a large, you are already on track to a lasting change.

Rule 3: Replace foods only with things that satisfy

If you like macaroni and cheese about as much as you like a sweet potato, then the sweet potato is going to offer a similar level of satisfaction with a fraction of the calories. Don’t try to switch from mac ‘n cheese to a raw spinach and think you are going to last more than a couple of days.

Rule 4: Do a complete workout 3-5 times per week

Don’t just choose one activity like walking, getting on the treadmill, doing yoga, etc. A fully body functional combination workout with cardio and resistance will burn more calories in a shorter time and benefit you in many more ways.

For more ideas, read the WebMD article 10 ways to lose weight without dieting

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