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How to have a fitness transformation with us

Do our 30-minute Afterburn Workouts 3-4 times per week  

Follow the simple & customizable fat loss nutrition plan  

Get encouragement from coaches and other members on your way to your goal

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How Our Program Creates Results

Premia Fitness Workouts are strategically designed to burn body fat and build lean muscle tissue. 

What's even better than the fat loss is that the functional movements in our workouts give you a stronger core and help you gain greater balance. 

Each 30-minute session works the whole body for maximum results. Workouts blend cardio focus, resistance focus, and combination days with both cardio and resistence. 

These workouts are designed to deliver results fast, using a simple, easy to follow and FUN workout routine. You will love that every workout is different which helps you stay challenged and never feel bored.


Premia Fitness is located at 1103 S 6th Ave, Unit 1123, Wauchula, FL 33873

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start?  

You can start with Premia Fitness by scheduling a free fitness consultation to set a goal and start your program.

What all is included with the a Premia Fitness Membership?  

With your Premia Membership you get unlimited workouts, Body Composition Assessments, Nutritional Plan, Goal Setting Challenges, Guidance, and Accountability.

What are the days and times?  

24/7 Access - Scan your app to open the door and do the workout program anytime day or night.

What will be required of me to get results at Premia Fitness?  

Commit to coming at least 3 days per week and follow the customized nutrition plan. We understand things come up and missing is fine, but we've found that those who participate in at least 3 workouts per week see great results.  

It's been a while since I last worked out, will it be too hard for me?  

No...and we highly encourage you to come in. Premia Fitness classes can be modified to meet all fitness levels and all ages, from the elite to the just getting started.  

I don't need to lose weight. Is Premia Fitness the right choice for me?  

Absolutely!!! Just because you don't need to lose weight doesn't mean you can't make your abs, arms, and legs more toned and defined. You can transform your body without losing a single pound! That's because muscle gain and fat loss can happen at the same time.  

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