About Us

Premia Fitness was created to help individuals experience a real fitness transformation by using our expertly designed program that is proven to get results.  

We operate Premia Fitness studios and help others open and operate their own Premia Fitness studios. 

We embrace the following principles as vital to who we are and how we operate.  

  • Mutually Ensured Success: do everything in a way that benefits everyone involved.  
  • Authenticity: embrace the fact that real results take real work.  
  • Fun: hard work is easier when we make it fun.  
  • Community: support each other and ask for help when needed.  
  • Safety: we’re here to make people stronger and healthier, so we must do everything in a way that prevents injury and illness.  
  • Respect: from the beginner to the elite athlete, we are here to serve our members where they are now and encourage them in their progress; so we do not tolerate elitism or anything that belittles people or makes them feel inferior.  
  • Positivity: everyone has challenges and struggles, but when they come into Premia Fitness, we provide a few brief moments to put that all aside and enjoy a positive and encouraging atmosphere that will prepare them to take on their own challenges when they leave.  

We started Premia Fitness because we found that most fitness businesses leave someone with less than they deserve. When this happens, you have something that falls short of “Thriving”.  

Our definition of a Thriving Fitness Business is one that serves many people, generates results for its members, gives a sense of fulfillment while being economically rewarding for the staff and owners.

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