Congratulations! Here's Your Next Step...

IMPORTANT: Two things you can do right now to get the best results in your 14 day challenge.

Hey there! Congratulations on signing up for the FREE challenge!

You have just done something that 90% of people aren’t willing to do.

You made a commitment. A commitment to do something you know is so important!

And because you made that commitment… we’re going to return the favor.

Our commitment to you is to do everything we possibly can to help you reach your fitness goal.

And the first way we can do that is to give you two important pieces of advice to ensure your success.

You see… over the years we have seen incredible fitness transformations and we know what it takes to make that happen for you.

So here are two things that the people who get the best results have in common.

The first one is this…

1) Have a strong enough reason why 

When you have a strong enough reason, then it becomes much easier to make your fitness routine a daily priority.

But if your reason isn’t very strong, then almost anything else will become a higher priority.

So, right now before we get to our second big piece of advice, complete this sentence. Don’t worry about getting it “right”. You can update this later. But finish this sentence and write it down where you will see it several times per day.

My reason for becoming the fittest and healthiest version of me is _______________________.

Here are some tips on making this a powerful statement to help drive you to your goal.

   1. Who else will benefit from you being fit, healthy, and strong?
   2. And what will happen if you don’t commit to your health and fitness right now? 

Now that you have your strong enough reason why you will stay committed to your health and fitness goals, we’ll talk about the second thing that people who hit their fitness goals have in common.

2) Involve someone who will support you

The truth is that your closest friends and family members may not be the right people to depend on for support during your health and fitness transformation. But you probably can think of someone who shares your interest and desire to be healthy.

Decide on 1 or 2 people who you want to include in your challenge. They can be people who are trying to make their own transformation — or have achieved a fitness goal of their own in the past.

We also have coaches, certified trainers, and online support community to help you. But having this personal contact is very important if you want to have the best chance of reaching your health and fitness goals.

Contact them and tell them what you are doing for the next 14 days. If you think they would benefit from doing the challenge with you, then invite them sign up at 

Congratulations again on taking this important step! 

Either I or one of our other coaches will contact you soon to get you started with your challenge. So be on the lookout for calls, texts and/or emails from us. 

We can’t wait to add your success story to our wall! 


Matt Davidson
Head Trainer, CEO 

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