Hey Lehigh,

New Fitness Transformation Center Coming Summer 2021!

Now you can experience a new type of fitness program, in a semi-private environment, with no mirrors, following a step-by-step daily workout and personalized nutrition plan. Don’t worry, this isn’t your “typical gym”, it’s a transformation program designed to give you results FAST!

Coming Summer 2021 to 1314 Homestead Road North, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936

Free "Results In Advance" Challenge

Our end goal for you is simple: Results. We’d like to earn your trust by showing you how quickly you can experience results with Premia Fitness. 

We know what it’s like to try a program that looks great but not experience any results. 

So that’s why we’re going to give you “Results In Advance”

Reserve your Free 7 Day “Results In Advance” Challenge and see for yourself what you’re able to accomplish in just 1 week with the right program.

Note: Because of the one-on-one support that we give to our members, this offer is limited to 100 people.


(Limited to 100 people. Reserve your spot now. No obligation.)

Begin Your Own Success Story Today!

Here's how it works

Premia Fitness provides you with everything you need to succeed with your fitness goals. Best of all, it’s designed specifically for busy people who can’t spend hours at the gym. With the proper plan, it’s 100% possible to get back into the best shape of your life — or better.

Metabolism-Boosting Workouts​

Get safe, time-efficient, metabolism-boosting workouts. Our workouts are designed by certified trainers and crafted to not waste one minute of your time. Best of all, we never repeat the exact same workout twice, so you'll never get bored with your workout plan again.

Simple, Schedule-Based Nutrition​

Follow our simple nutrition plans that are proven to get results. In fact, most of our $1,000 transformation challenge prize winners follow our nutrition plans to get their best results. Your coach can help you customize your plan for any specific needs you have.

Community Support

It's hard to change your life without surrounding yourself with people who believe in you. Enjoy the encouragement and community in our community. We can't wait to celebrate your results with you!

Coaches and Certified Trainers

No matter how good the workouts and nutrition plans are, you'll always have questions. You'll have access to coaches and certified trainers who are here to answer your questions and ensure your success.

Fitness isn't magic, it's cause and effect

Premia Fitness gets people laser-focused on the simple actions that create physical transformations. You’ll find our members getting amazing results while showing up with more energy in all areas of life.

We help busy people who can't find time for fitness

We understand… 99% of people feel the same way. They have a million things to do and responsibilities keep stacking up. They believe that squeezing in a fitness routine just isn’t possible right now. They know it’s important but it seems like daily pressures keep pushing it further and further down the list of things they can’t possibly get done today. Besides, they’ve tried before and it just doesn’t seem like they can make the necessary changes to reach their goals.

Create a fitness lifestyle that empowers every area of life

When someone commits to a proven fitness program, they find that it doesn’t take away time and energy, it actually gives them more. They empower their bodies with metabolism-boosting workouts and fuel their bodies with the right nutrition. This is how they accomplish even more each day because the small investment into a proven fitness plan always pays back.