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Our end goal for you is simple: Results. We’d like to earn your trust by showing you how quickly you can experience results with Premia Fitness. We know what it’s like to try a program that looks great but not experience any results. So we want to give you “results in advance”.

Take the Free 14 Day Challenge and see for yourself what you’re able to accomplish in just 2 short weeks.

In 14 days, you can either be the same as you are right now, or lose 5-15 lbs while feeling more energized each day.

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You’ve never done a workout program like this before. And you’re simply going to love it.

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Just log in from any device, do 4 to 6 workouts per week, follow the step-by-step nutrition plan, join our online accountability group, ask questions from certified trainers and track your results.


Your workouts, nutrition education, online support, can be accessed from any device from anywhere in the world including Smart TVs, phones, laptops, Apple, Android, PC, Roku and more


When you log in each day, your daily workout comes right up so there is no searching around and guesswork about what to do next. We've done all the planning and prep work for you. Just show up and do the work.


No need to count calories. We have proven nutrition plans to lose weight while increasing daily energy level.


Get answers from the certified trainers so you can get the best results from the fitness and nutrition plan.


Join our online accountability facebook group to do workouts live with friends and celebrate your hard work and success.

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Free Access To Our Online Community For Support, Encouragement, Accountability And Celebration.

Common questions

We help people of all ages and any fitness level make a transformation whether this is your first fitness program or you are a seasoned athlete.  

All you need to participate in our online program is a set of dumbbells and an internet connection. 

Your free challenge is completely free. We collect credit card information to prevent abuse of the Full Access you get during the Free 14 Day Fitness Challenge. If you don’t believe our program is right for you, just cancel with one step from your account settings to prevent any charges.

Log in each day, do the workout, follow the nutrition plan, ask questions in the community and celebrate your success. 

There is no obligation or contract. You can cancel anytime before your Free 14 Day Challenge is complete to avoid charges. After your Free 14 Day Challenge, you can choose to remain a member week to week until you hit your fitness goal or choose to stop.

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Results vary based on your current condition, diet, and effort level. Please consult with your physician before starting this or any other nutrition, fitness, or workout program. These statements have not be verified by the FDA. All content intended for US citizens only.